Power system automation and protection automatics for electrical power engineering

We execute comprehensive upgrading works and implement sectional tasks within the scope of automation equipment and power systems. Our offer of the engineering services is directed for power plants, combined heat and power plants and for the industry. They include:

Design services
- within the scope of technical documentation, economical and technical analyses, surveys, technical designs, as-built documentation for electrical and automation systems. This group offers implementation of electrical assembly works within the scope of:

Services within the scope of power automation and control systems
- applying to comprehensive automation systems for process and software for control, protection and visualisation system.

Services within the scope of electrical measurements
- concerning tests of instruments and equipment in own laboratory, assembly test and period checks in the facility, tests, startups.

Services within the scope of servicing - concerning warranty and post-warranty services within the scope of own and third-party deliveries.

Our offer includes in particular:

  • static excitation and voltage regulation systems for the high and low power synchronous generators
  • control, recording, visualisation and signalling systems
  • power system automation for transformers, generators, LV, MV and HV power and overhead cable routes
  • driving systems and frequency converters for stepless rotational speed adjustment of asynchronous squirrel-cage motors
  • direct current systems and accumulator banks with equipment for charging
  • supervisory control systems.

Furthermore, we offer execution of:

  • systems and equipment of secondary circuits of the power plant, combined heat and power plants and power substations
  • synchronisation systems
  • ATS and PTS systems
  • instrumentation and control systems
  • electric switchgears and systems
  • electric lighting
  • backup power systems.

As an engineering service company we maintain long-term technical and commercial cooperation with the global leaders within the scope of production of the equipment and systems for the power industry. We have suitable knowledge and experience to offer and conduct operations based on the power system protections manufactured by SIEMENS, Schneider-Electric, ALSTOM, ZEG-Energetyka, JM-Tronik, BASLER ELECTRIC, GE, Woodward.