Production and pre-fabrication

We are a company ensuring comprehensive implementation of our services, within the scope of which are producing designed or own executions of the LV distribution boards. At our company’s headquarters we have production-workshop facilities, with necessary assembly and professional equipment. Thanks to suitable equipment we ensure execution of the products in the workshop or on the construction site using portable tools and mobile equipment if necessary.

We ensure execution of:

  • ready switching gears
  • semi-finished products for further use
  • precast units made from received materials.

Our production offer includes prefabrication of:

  • LV distribution and supply switchboards up to 3000A
  • distribution boards and control, signalling cabinets
  • DC rectifiers and powerhouses
  • set of electrical protections in cabinet execution
  • measuring cabinets and energy billing systems
  • computer, system and controller cabinets
  • control panels and boards
  • local control cubicles and cabinets

Finished products are subject to necessary checks:

  • workshop measurements and checks
  • performance tests
  • electrical checks and tests

We have adequate technical staff, thanks to which our engineers are designing and supervising the whole process of precast unit production already on the production preparation and implementation stage. Confirmation of quality assurance is suitable quality and safety documentation with the CE mark issued after completed inspection.

We use ready housings and high-quality components from the local and global manufacturers for production, including: Rittal, Eaton, Schneider, ABB, Schrack, Siemens, Legrand, Weidmüller, Wago or in accordance with the customer requirements.

Our workshop and production facilities are equipped with electrical and hydraulic equipment for bending, profiling, punching of copper and aluminium flat bars, primary electrical and hydraulic tools, locksmith equipment, computer equipment for marking and engraving, measurement and checking equipment.

We ensure also hook ups, assembly of distribution boards on the construction site, measurements, post-assembly checks, start-up with the issuance of the suitable reports or certificates on the customer request.