Field contracting

We offer services within the scope of contracting based on own assembly group. This is a group of individuals:

  • experienced in electrical assembly works
  • with high qualifications
  • proven as a partner in project implementation.

This group offers implementation of electrical assembly works within the scope of:

  • assembly of LV, MV and HV distribution boards.
  • assembly of cabinet units of the protection and controller systems
  • supply systems (LV and MV cable lines, backup supply, etc.)
  • assembly of cable routes
  • assembly of transformer stations in the power substations
  • assembly of primary and secondary circuits in the power substations and power plants
  • assembly of LV, MV busbar trunking
  • control and signalling systems
  • uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems
  • rectifier system and accumulator battery systems (direct current power stations)
  • measurement systems and process control systems
  • auxiliary systems for the generator
  • reactive power compensation systems (capacitor bank)
  • assembly of auxiliary and common circuits of the power plant and power substations
  • indoor and outdoor lighting systems
  • phone, fibre optic, Ethernet, low-current systems etc.
  • overhauls of the existing solutions:
    • MV and HV switchgear and distribution boards compartments
    • pedestals for sets of electrical protections of the generators,
      transformers and power lines
    • controller cabinets and control-measurement circuits
    • LV distribution and supply distribution boards
    • direct current distribution boards 60V, 110V, 220V
    • control boards, panels, ATS, PTS etc. systems
    • automatic control systems
    • grid synchronisation systems
    • grid connection equipment for generators
    • generator voltage regulation and excitation systems
    • energy billing systems

We ensure comprehensive implementation of field works, that is:

  • "turn key"
  • pick and pack operations
  • assembly, disassembly, modernisation in the facility
  • production of distribution equipment (own workshop projects)