Smart control and supervision systems (SSIN)

Our offer includes also services within the scope of implementation of computer systems intended for control, supervision and visualisation as well as automation of the production processes.

The offer of the systems includes:

  • advisory and survey of the existing condition
  • preparation of concept of the solutions
  • preparation of ready solution within the scope of technical design
  • selection of suitable measurement and output equipment
  • selection of utility software for computer stations, the software of the controllers
  • pick and pack operations for equipment, instruments, computers, control stations
  • installation of internal network
  • installation of system, software and start-up of the processes
  • technological start-up
  • personnel training

Smart control, supervision and visualisation system is intended for:

  • process control
  • supervision and inspection of operation correctness
  • computer support for servicing staff
  • diagnostics of operating equipment
  • monitoring and recording of the operation
  • planning of operation, inspections and overhauls
  • analysis, calculations, metering
  • data processing and presentation of charts
  • optimisation of costs and operation of the production processes


  • industrial and production plants
  • Hydraulic power plants, wind turbine generators, combined heat and power plants, heating plants
  • switching stations
  • LV, MV, HV distribution boards
  • control of the operation of equipment and machinery

Benefits of our systems:

  • taking the customer requirements into consideration
  • flexible solutions allowing modernisation and development
  • developmental mechanisms and architecture
  • the offer of own solutions acc. to the specified needs
  • performance self-testing
  • time synchronization
  • reliability by use of redundancy
  • cooperation with the other measurement and output equipment
  • the friendly user interface
  • standard and commonly used communication links
  • equipment availability on the market in a long-term period
  • compliance with recognised standards and norms
  • remote control and inspection via the Internet/Intranet
  • remote supervision and servicing
  • integration of the system with the systems and equipment with a suitable communication protocol
  • option to use fibre optic network or, depending on the protocol - Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus, DNP3, S-BUS, IEC 60870, IEC 61850
  • use of GSM/GPRS and radio technology


We use controllers and equipment from the renowned companies for the implementation of our systems: Siemens, SAIA, Beckhoff, Schneider, Wago, Fanuc, Omron, Mitsubishi or others depending on the needs or demands of the customers.